Many people look forward to participating in the duck hunting experience every year. There’s nothing more exciting than getting the perfect shot after the calling, decoy rigging, and patience. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure you have not forgotten your Alberta Duck Hunting gear and tools to ensure you are ready. That’s why we’ve put together this list of must-have hunting gear to ensure you are well-prepared for the hunt. 

Lots of duck calls

Seasoned duck hunters understand that having quality duck calls is important in guaranteeing their success in the hunting season. For instance, the Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call is a phenomenal reed duck call that is easy to use and durable. 

It’s up to you to opt for the double reed or single reed duck call. For beginners, double reeds are easy. However, single reeds tend to have more variety. 

You’ll need to choose the number of duck calls you will need to carry. You will need to choose if you will use an acrylic duck call or the wood duck call. They both have their pros; wood produces a rich tone that is affected by moisture, and acrylic requires low maintenance, is louder, and is not affected by moisture. 

Good quality waders

During Spring Snow Goose Hunting, you will be walking through ponds, mud, and flooded areas to find your treasure. Even if you come with your trusted fido, chances are you will need to do some wading. That’s why buying high-quality waders is important to staying focused and dry. 

Layout blinders or a-frame blinds

Various types of blinds are available, including layout blinds, panel blinds, and a-frame blinds. Layout blinds are famous since they are easier to set up, they keep the hunter hidden, and they are versatile. A-frame blinds are comfortable and can fit up to 4 people based on the size. So, how can you choose the right blind to use? 

Distance is one of the deciding factors. If you are shooting from a far distance, you can achieve better results using a bigger structure like the A-frame blind because ducks tend to have poor depth perception. 

You should opt for the layout blinds if you’re up close. 

Floatable blind bag

An important item that most beginners overlook is a proper blind bag. Ensure you get a blind bag with enough space to fit your items, and it should be waterproof. A good quality blind bag will keep your things safe during the Saskatchewan Duck Hunting Guides experience. 

Realistic decoys

When choosing decoys, ensure they are realistic. Most duck hunters overlook and opt for low-quality decoys that scare off both hens and drakes. That’s not worth it at all – ensure you choose realistic decoys for successful hunting. 

Top-of-the-line camo jacket

A robust waterfowling jacket or pullover offers many benefits to both novice and seasoned hunters. A jacket will keep you warm and dry while preventing the drakes and ducks from spotting you because of the high-quality camouflage. It is important to buy a bigger size to wear extra layers underneath. This helps you to move freely. 

Your preferred weapon

When picking your shotgun, you must consider numerous things, including chamber length, barrel length, action length, and gauge. Most hunters prefer 12 gauges due to their many benefits over the old 16 gauges that were standard. However, most newbie hunters can use 20 gauges. Three inches is the standard chamber length, even though other alternatives exist. But when considering the versatility, the 28-inch barrel is dominant, even though most hunters use the 30-inch and 26-inch barrels. 

Other important things to have

We’ve highlighted the important big-ticket North Dakota Duck Hunting Guides items, but there are some things you should never forget. 

Zip tips are important, and you can use them for everything. Therefore, carry some, and the same applies to carabiners and tarred twine. It is important to bring additional sunscreen and mosquito repellent, and some hand warmers for cold days. Flashlights, batteries, fluids, and snacks are vital. If you can get one, a retriever makes great company and keeps you from getting wet.