Best Duck Hunts in USA & Canada

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Why Hunt Ducks?

Wild duck is extremely delicious, which is a solid reason for field hunting ducks. In addition, duck hunting also remains one of the most exciting and interesting types of hunting. Generally, duck hunting is all about the birds and their nature.

Pursuing migratory birds helps us understand the amazing process of migrating to a new place and adapting to the surroundings. In addition, duck hunting trips also serve as a way to spend some quality time with friends and family.

Below are some of the other reasons why you should hunt ducks:

  • Culture and tradition
  • Wildlife observation
  • Elements of thrill and adventure
  • Culinary tradition
  • Connection with nature
  • Wildlife management and conservation

For experiencing the best duck hunts in USA, you can surely rely on Top Gun Guide Service.

Best Weather for Duck Hunting

The best time to go out on duck hunting vacations is autumn and winter. This is the season when ducks have finished raising their young ones and migrate to warmer areas for better food opportunities. So, the best weather for duck hunting is the migratory period when ducks are migrating in huge numbers.

These birds are new to the area, which means they largely rely on local ducks for shelter and food. As a result, migratory ducks are easily attracted by calling and decoys.

Morning or Evening: What is the Best Time of the Day to Duck Hunt?

You need to know the best time of the day to duck hunt and get the most out of your duck hunting trip. Ducks start their day early, making it a prime time for duck hunting. Make sure to leave for duck hunting an hour before sunrise. It will give you enough time to set up your gear.

Some hunters do prefer evening duck hunting. This is the time when ducks are coming back to the water for the last feeding of their day. However, the window for shooting time is too small. In fact, the best time to hunt ducks (morning or evening) is a matter of personal preference.

If you prefer duck hunts in the evening, here are some of the evening duck hunting tips for you:

  • Hide well
  • Shoot close
  • Setup gear an hour before sunset

Best Duck Hunting Methods

Usually, duck hunting is carried out alongside the water body (Pass Shooting). During this method, ducks are likely to be intercepted when they are seeking food or shelter. Besides, these birds are also hunted during their seasonal or daily movement.  

Pass shooting is a more common method used for field hunting ducks. The thick vegetation along the water body usually provides the cover. In some cases, hunters also prefer to jump-shoot the ducks by hiking or wading along the creek bottom.

For this method, hunters try to approach ducks in a punt, canoe, or duck boat. Duck hunting at winter grounds or migration routes requires some investment in gear, including clothes, decoys, waders, etc.

Top Locations for Duck Hunting in USA

The United States boasts a long list of outstanding locations for duck hunting. Each one has its unique species, landscapes, and hunting experiences.

Below are some of the most prominent locations for the best duck hunting adventure:

North Dakota

North Dakota is also known for its abundant duck/waterfowl population. This area features a range of lakes, wetlands, and sloughs. Top Gun Guide Service offers exclusive and affordable duck hunting packages for North Dakota. So, get in touch and book your preferred duck hunting trip.

Unmatched Expertise and Lodging

At Top Gun Guide Service, we don’t just offer hunts; we provide an entire experience. Our specialized guides bring years of expertise, ensuring you are equipped with the knowledge needed for a successful hunt. Relax and unwind in our comfortable lodges, specially designed to make your stay hassle-free. From cozy interiors to modern amenities, we prioritize your comfort.

Exploring Beyond North Dakota

While our North Dakota duck hunts steal the spotlight, our wings span further. In the heartlands of the United States, we offer goose hunts and, specifically, spring goose hunts covering Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Venture into the diverse terrains and witness the spectacular spring migration of snow geese.

Tailored Duck Hunting Packages for Your Group

Whether you seek a rustic adventure under the stars or a luxurious lodge experience, we offer a range of duck hunting packages to suit your preferences and budget. Choose from all-inclusive duck hunting packages that handle everything from licenses to meals, or opt for basic packages and customize your trip. Check out our Rates & Packages to find the perfect fit for your group. 

Fall Devil’s Lake, North Dakota

Basic Hunt (Cheap Duck Hunts)

$400 – Day rate (no lodging)

This package is suitable for beginner duck hunting.

All Inclusive Duck Hunting Packages (Lodging /Bird Cleaning Included)

$1000 – 2 day hunt 2 nights

$1400 – 3 day hunt 3 nights

$1800- 4 day hunt 4 nights

$2200 – 5 day hunt 5 nights

Spring Snow Goose

Basic Hunt Rates (hunt only/no lodging)

$300 – 1 day hunt

$450 – 2 day hunt

$550 – 2 1/2 hunt

$650 – 3 day hunt

$850 – 4 day hunt

$1000 – 5 day hunt

$700 – 4 day hunt Monday-Thursday

All Inclusive Duck Hunting Packages: Lodging / Bird Cleaning included (no food)

$800 – 1 1/2 day hunt 2 nights

$1000 – 2 1/2 day hunt 3 nights

$1200 – 3 1/2 day hunt 4 nights

$1400 – 4 1/2 day hunt 5 nights

$1600 – 5 1/2 day 6 nights

$900 – 2 day hunt 3 nights

$1100 – 3 days 4 nights

Note: These rates are applicable to Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Saskatchewan. To experience the best duck hunting in the USA, feel free to contact Top Gun Guide Service.

Seamless Service

Leave the logistics to us! We take care of transportation, permits, comfortable lodging, and delicious meals so you can focus on the thrill of the hunt. Our commitment to your comfort and satisfaction is unwavering.

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