Best Snow Goose Hunts 

Top Gun Guide Service is all geared up to ensure successful and adventurous snow goose hunts. With us, you can get the most out of your field goose hunting trip. We are always there to guide you during every stage of your geese hunt.

Top Gun not only promises excellent hunting spots but also offers state-of-the-art equipment. Our team of expert hunters is knowledgeable enough to guide both novice and expert hunters. So, before planning your next geese hunting trip, make sure to give us a call.

Goose Hunting Regulations

Goose hunting is quite popular in areas like Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, and South Dakota. These best goose hunting states are referred to as the best possible areas for goose hunts. The reason for such popularity is the snow goose migration during spring. 

During this period, the snow goose population exhibits a massive increase. However, there are certain regulations that hunters have to follow while hunting geese. 

Some of these include:

  • The legal shooting time to hunt goose starts from one-half hour before sunrise to sunset. However, the best time to hunt geese may change depending on the location.
  • Depending on the location, hunters must abide by the respective goose hunting limit.
  • Snow geese hunts are permitted if you meet the license requirements. Hunters must own a hunting license for goose field hunting.

What are the Best Snow Goose Hunting Tactics

Below are the professional tactics to improve the success rate of snow goose hunts:

Don’t Feel Discouraged

The first tip is not to feel discouraged. There might come a time when your previously working strategy fails to offer the desired results. You can witness a snow goose flying around, but luring it to land on the field isn’t that easy.

This is so, as snow geese are known for their notorious and ever-changing behavior. So, you need to carefully monitor goose flights. Besides, stay in touch with seasoned hunters and learn how to goose hunt successfully.

Stay Persistent and Think Positive

When you see multiple goose flocks circling around you, it doesn’t indicate that you are going to have a successful hunt. The chances of these snow geese to descend up your spread depend on a wide range of factors. So, you need to think positively and stay persistent to get the best possible outcomes.

What to Expect from Snow Goose Hunts with Top Gun Guide Service

Snow goose hunting is an adventure-filled outdoor experience. Top Gun offers the following services to enhance the thrill associated with snow geese hunting.

Thrilling Decoy Spreads

We set up decoys in such a way that mimics resting and natural feeding. This attracts a large number of snow geese and they start accumulating within the shooting range. For this purpose, we closely monitor the snow goose flyway. Besides, during some conditions, we also rely on goose flagging.

Expert Goose Luring Techniques

Our guides have mastered the art of luring snow geese. This is imperative, as once within the shooting range, you can easily hunt geese with a crossbow or rifle. If you want to learn how to hunt snow geese, you can rely on the expertise of our guides.

Comfortable Accommodations

After spending a day hunting snow geese, you can unwind yourself in cozy and comfortable accommodations. Don’t forget to share your stories with fellow hunters at the dinner table. For sure, your time spent hunting goose will become an unforgettable memory. You would love residing in a snow goose lodge offered by the Top Gun Guide Service.

Snow Goose Hunting Prices and Packages

Feb to March – April to May

Each Day Includes:

All rates apply to Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Saskatchewan.

Morning and afternoon hunts. You are welcome to stay during lunch when guides breaks for lunch.

Basic Hunt Includes:

Full day hunt, guides, decoys, land, decoys set for you, scouts, and ecalls. No Food/ lodging or bird cleaning.

All Inclusive Full Package Includes:

This includes lodging, bird cleaning, and guide services.

Basic Hunt Rates: (hunt only/no lodging)(excludes Sask Spring Hunts)

$300 – 1 day hunt

$450 – 2 day hunt

$550 – 2 1/2 hunt

$650 – 3 day hunt

$850 – 4 day hunt

$1000 – 5 day hunt

$700 – 4 day hunt Monday-Thursday

Youth hunter 15 and under 1/2 price (basic hunt)

All Inclusive Full Package Rates: Lodging / Bird Cleaning included (no food)(Sask only option includes lodging)

$800 – 1 1/2 day hunt 2 nights

$1000 – 2 1/2 day hunt 3 nights

$1200 – 3 1/2 day hunt 4 nights

$1400 – 4 1/2 day hunt 5 nights

$1600 – 5 1/2 day 6 nights

$900 – 2 day hunt 3 nights

$1100 – 3 day 4 nights

Book Your Goose Hunt Now!

Don’t miss out on the thrill of snow goose hunts. The guidance of our dedicated team starts with the witnessing of a flying snow goose and continues throughout the hunt. So, join us for an immersive experience. For packages and booking details, feel free to contact us.