Join us in:

Devil’s Lake, ND

Oct 1st – Dec 3rd

Saskatchewan, Canada

Sep 15th – Nov 10th

Rochester, MN

Oct 20 – Jan 1


Nov 5th – Jan 29th

Alberta duck/goose hunting

You will typically hunt geese in the morning and ducks in the afternoon(unless limited).

  • Field hunts are from layout blinds.
  • 1/2 fields of hunters per day
  • 4/5 spotters / guides in camp
  • 19th year guiding in Canada
  • Field hunt peas and barley
  • We shoot ducks from the beginning to end of the season.
  • Mallard shooting is fantastic! Arguably the best in North America
  • Big Honkers early (Sept 1) and Late season (Oct 15)
  • Little black goose shoots second to none
  • Fly into Grande Prairie, Alberta airport (20 minute drive to lodging from airport)

Alberta is legendary for world class goose and duck hunting! Hunts take place in the heart of the Peace River Region of western Alberta.

What’s Included

Guides, scouting, lodging, bird cleaning; equipment such as decoys, blinds, and food.  See rates and packages page for details.

Licenses Non-resident License & Wildlife Habitat Certificate: call 888-944-5494

Gun Registration  $25.00 (forms available online or at border crossing CAFC 909)


You are allowed to hundred shells duty-free into Canada. Anything after that you would pay tax on be sure to bring receipts for any shells so they know what to base the price on for the tax otherwise shells are available at Canadian tire Grande Prairie.